Streamlined Front-end Development with PatternLab and Twig

Pattern Lab and Twig, the perfect duo to streamline your front-end development process.

In this session we will demonstrate how to combine the power of these two technologies to streamline your front-end development workflow for Drupal 8.

  • Give you a brief overview of Pattern Lab
  • Walk you through integrating Pattern Lab with your theme
  • Demonstrate Pattern Lab templates and how to integrate them with Drupal 8 Twig!

About the Speaker

Chaz Chumley is a Consultant, Instructor, Author, Web Developer, Trainer and Drupalist.

Chaz' experience has allowed him to participate in such ventures as developing Drupal training videos, Authoring Drupal books for Packt publishing including Drupal 8 Theming with Twig, Drupal 8 Blueprints and the soon to be released Mastering Drupal 8. B

est of all is being a Technology Manager for Front-end Development and Drupal Evengelist for Forum One. Chaz' adventures have also led him to becoming an Instructor at the University of Nevada Las Vegas teaching Drupal and various web technologies as well as contributing numerous articles and presentations at NYCCamp, BadCamp and DrupalCon.