Managing CSS and JavaScript files in Drupal 8 with Libraries

Drupal 8 revolutionizes the theming experience with many significant improvements to make theming easier, and give themers the flexibility and control they've never had before. One of those major improvements is to the library management system, which controls the attaching of CSS and JavaScript files.

In this session we will cover how to create and control libraries from a theme. This will include SMACSS categorization for CSS files, dependencies, how to conditionally attach libraries, manipulating libraries that come from anywhere in a site (core, modules, or base themes,) and targeting individual files for removal or replacement. All this without needing a single line of PHP.

About the Speaker

David Hernandez is the Manager of Learning and Contributions at FFW (FFW). In his role at FFW David helps developers continue to strengthen their skills and look for new ways to contribute back to the Drupal project. He has been an active member of the Drupal community for over eight years and helped lead efforts to encourage more people to contribute to the Drupal project. He is an avid speaker, principal organizer of DrupalCamp NJ, member of the Drupal 8 front end improvement team, and a maintainer of Drupal 8’s Classy theme.

David Hernandez