Drupal Console: An Overview of the New Drupal CLI

Drupal Console is the new CLI (Command Line Interface) for Drupal. This tool can help you to generate boilerplate code, as well as interact with, and debug Drupal 8. From the ground up, it is built to utilize the same modern PHP practices that have been adopted in Drupal 8.

Come along as we explore this tool that will help you developing by taking advantage of the modern PHP practices introduced into Drupal 8.

This is session is intended for anyone looking to increase productivity while developing and interacting with Drupal 8.

About the Speaker

Jesus Manuel Olivas is a Drupal & Symfony Consultant at weKnow. He is the co-maintainer of the Drupal Console project. He has been working with Drupal since 2009 and developing Symfony2 Applications since 2012.

Jesus Manuel Olivas