Drupal 8, Flexible Page Layouts and Elements with Paragraphs

Creating flexible layouts can be a challenge for website admins with tools such as panelizer since the options are often too numerous and can be hard to find. It also can provide too much flexibility and present styling challenges. Our goal was to find a way to make customizing pages easier for our clients while still giving them structure and a streamlined editing experience. We found the answer in paragraphs. Paragraphs allows website admins to design landing pages for a specific purpose while not making it too difficult to achieve the custom look. This presentation will demonstrate what we have accomplished using paragraphs and both the limitations we have found and the advantages or clients love over other layout modules. 

About the Speaker

Krystee Dryer is a Senior Drupal Backend Developer and Custom Module expert. Krystee currently leads the development team at Balance Interactive in all aspects of our projects - PHP based websites and applications, .NET base websites and applications and mobile app development. From proposal and strategy to development to launch/maintenance, she helps keep clients' websites healthy and secure. Krystee has created many custom Drupal modules involving web services / APIs and integrated them with the Drupal framework. 

Krystee Dryer