Demystifying AJAX Callback Commands in Drupal 8

This session outlines and explains Drupal 8 AJAX callback commands and how to use them. AJAX callback commands are the sets of PHP and JavaScript functions that control all AJAX functionality on a Drupal site.  You will be surprised about how simple and straight forward they are.  Mastering these commands will allow your AJAX calls to do so much more then just return rendered HTML. Allowing you to provide the visitors of your Drupal 8 site a more dynamic, richer experience.

This session is presented in three parts.  

  • First, explaining what AJAX callback commands are.
  • Second, explaining how to use AJAX callback commands.
  • Third, explaining how to create and use your own custom commands.  

Each section provides example code and walks through a real world Drupal 8 scenario.

About the Speaker

I am the Associate Direct of PHP for the Boston, MA office of Genuine (, a full service creative agency.  I have been working with Drupal for 8+ years, in every aspect from themeing and module development, to full on project architecture. I am active in the Drupal community and help organize and run the Boston Drupal meetup. I am an Acquia Grad master and a regular speaker at camps and conferences, as well as, a maintainer for a number of modules.  Outside of my day job and Drupal work I am also the co-host of the podcast Developing Up (, which focuses on the non-technical side of being a developer. You can find me on at mikemiles86, Twitter at mikemiles86 and my personal blog

Presentation Details

Michael Miles