CMI - D8's New Buzz word

CMI (Configuration Management Initiative), is one of the new features in Drupal 8.

In Drupal 7, we all have gone through the pain of deploying site configurations. But, in Drupal 8, CMI has relieved us from this pain.

In this session, we'll be going through all the important aspects of CMI, deployment using CMI and features integration with CMI.

About the Speaker

At my core I believe in doing things the right way rather than getting things done. I like to work as a team. I have learned that sharing is the ultimate way of learning. I love tinkering with new technologies and have often taken up the torch to introduce technologies in my organisation.

I was introduced to Drupal first when I joined my current company as a Developer in 2013 and even after 4 years of an amazing journey Drupal still fascinates and drives me. What I loved about Drupal the most is becoming part of the community through contribution. I think contribution has really helped me define what I really want. I have also had the opportunity to visit some amazing conferences in Drupal including being a speaker at few. I passionately and actively evangelize Drupal in the local community.

Sometimes I love to take a break from from my gadgets to enjoy adventures activities. Bungee jumping was the best I have had so far and I am planning on skydiving soon. Simply biking around the city outskirts is an ultimate pleasure. Besides that, I like to cook sometimes and music is my constant partner through every push and pull in life!

Gaurav Goyal