Building Drupal Sites with Components

Translating a design to a functioning Drupal theme isn’t always an easy task. Sometimes the backend isn’t complete yet, portions must be shared with a mobile app, or the client wants feedback on an aggressive timeline even before the theme will be ready for review. Our answer to all these problems is building with components, and we’ll show you how it worked for clients.

For advanced themers and developers, Component-driven development with KSS-Node brings the heavy artillery to Drupal Theme and Front-End professional services.

We’ll touch on important cornerstones like best practices naming, functional specs, the cascade, and div soup. We’ll also be talking about paragraphs, picture elements, and focusing on reusability.

Most importantly, I’ll show you:

  • Drupal 7 & Drupal 8 Examples
  • Exactly how to setup a site build pipeline with components
  • The process of creating a functional, client-deliverable style guide
  • How components add value while requiring very little investment in the pipeline itself
  • The future of components in Drupal contrib space…
  • … and in Drupal 8 core

About the Speaker

Derek Reese makes tools for artists to tell compelling stories with technology.

He's a full stack developer specializing in pipelines, software architecture, and toolsets. Self directed and experienced with mobile, web, Windows, pipeline, and art/design tool and asset development. Derek has been working with Drupal since Drupal 5. He is passionate about pipeline development and loves creating tools for more efficient workflows.

Derek started his own web design company in high school to help him pay his way through college and has been working with Drupal ever since. He continued doing Drupal sites in college and still managed to graduate from a comprehensive Digital Media & Animation program. His first desk job was a stint in the Healthcare Industry leading development teams. Having had enough of actuarial tables, Derek returned to his Drupally roots by joining Mediacurrent a few years later.

Derek Reese