About Drupal 8 Day

Drupal 8 has been out for nearly one year, and is maturing into a really powerful platform.

We're going hold an online event all about Drupal 8 on November 19th, the first anniversary of Drupal 8's release. This will be the perfect day to celebrate D8.

The event is called "Drupal 8 Day" and will be an online version of a Drupal Camp. The event will be 100% free to attend so that anyone can attend.

Drupal 8 Day will be one complete day of live presentations. To get a feel for this type of event, check out Wordsesh.org in the WordPress space.

This event is organized by the team at OSTraining.

The goal of Drupal 8 Day

The goal is to present Drupal 8 in the best possible light, especially to people who normally can't attend a Drupal Camp. We talk with a lot of people who just don't live near any kind of DrupalCamp. Some typical examples are people outside the big Canadian cities, people living in Eastern Europe but outside capital cities, and people in sub-Saharan Africa.

Are you 100% new to Drupal 8?

If you want to learn more about Drupal 8 before attending this event, there is free Beginner training available on YouTube.

Click here to take the 60-video class.

Drupal 8 videos