15 Ways to Debug Drupal 8

The Twig templating system is huge leap forward for Drupal. While manipulating markup has never been easier, sometimes the data coming from Drupal remains elusive.

In this session, we'll cover many of the tools available for debugging, how to overcome memory and other errors, and a few tricks to help you on your Drupal journey. This session is designed with front-end developers in mind but all are welcome.

About the Speaker

Zakiya Khabir has been a Drupal front-end developer since 2007. Closely connected to the Drupal community in California she’s given over a dozen camp talks and trainings, mentored at DrupalCon sprints, and helped organize several camps. At Chapter Three, in addition to her front-end duties, she conducts client training and writes the occasional blog.

Zakiya Khabir